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The primary purpose for seed conditioning is to improve quality by removing all impurities (broken seeds, chaff, weed seeds, plant residues etc.) from your seed. Throughout our experienced production team we can supply solutions for cleaning, grading and treatment of various seed and grain products, assuring gentle handling and strict genuine sorting accuracy, without any danger of mixing sorts. We supply complete seed processing lines with a capacity up to 1,8 tons per hour.

When receiving the seeds from the field, they come together with impurities, most of it being dust, thin grain and weeds, plant residues which have to be separated, almost completely, throughout a pre-cleaning operation. Quality Crops’ pre-cleaners have capacities up to 2,0 t/h.

Delta cleaner
After eliminating large impurities, the seeds comes to Delta cleaner which is the basic machine operating with sieves which is able to process up to 2,0 t/h. The flexibility in the internal flow offers a big number of possible grading applications.

Indented cylinders
The product passes from the inlet housing into the interior of the rotating cylinder, the cover of which is provided with impressed pockets (indents). Depending on the required grading the incoming product will be sorted according to roundness or length.
The first cylinder retains the grains that places themselves in the indents, discharges by a screw conveyor all impurities which are larger than the seeds size and redirects the rest of the grains in the second cylinder which retain the seeds and discharges all impurities which are smaller than the seeds size. Our indented cylinders can process up to up to 2,0 t/h.

Gravity separators
Grains of same size and general shape can often be separated because they differ in specific gravity. With a capacity up to 1,8 t/h, our gravity separators are used successfully to remove light immature seed or heavy sand and rocks to improve the purity and germination of crop seed.

Color Sorter
Quality Crops was one of the first seed production companies in Romania which incorporated color sorting technology into conditioning processes. Color sorters have the ability to check every seed to identify possible defects that might affect seed germination or seedling vigor and to automatically remove each one detected with defect. Quality Crops’ color sorter can process up to 2,0 t/h.

Laboratory analysis
Throughout the entire process of conditioning samples are taken in order to ensure that we get the best quality seeds. After conditioning has been completed, a sample of seed must be submitted for testing. This will ensure that the seed meets official standards, in the same time providing all the required information for the certification.

Seeds treatment products are very expensive and, that is why, they must be evenly applied at a very precise quantity. The ability to accurately apply these seed treatments at their specific rates is vital to ensure adequate product performance, while minimizing costs. As the centricoater reduces the consumption of chemical agents, the impact on the environment is subsequently a reduction in raw material use. In order to meet the demand of our customers, we offer different seed treatment packages for sunflower and corn.

After processing and treating (when needed), the seeds are bagged in a different form of packages, with an exact weight and specific labelling. Once the seeds are bagged, we can deliver them in every part of Europe with all required documentation.

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