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Best farmers manage their crops properly and obtain high yields of best quality seeds. We have built a network of top-performing, experienced and reliable seed growers in locations which have the most fertile soils (Iași, Vaslui, Neamț, Brăila, Galați, Ialomița, Călărași, Teleorman).

We support farmers by giving them proper instruction and keeping them informed. We carry out rigorous and on time field controls at different stages of crop growth to ensure that there are no circumstances which might affect the seeds to be harvested. Seed crops are inspected frequently during the growing season in order to verify:

  • isolation
  • soil preparation
  • planting, planting ratio, plant population
  • chemical and mechanical treatments for plant protection
  • off-type plants and supervise the rouging process
  • de-tasseling
  • flowering and pollination
  • male cutting
  • phytosanitary status of the crop
  • harvesting

We have developed an online system which offers a real-time access to these info and everything related to all field activities.

We combine modern and traditional techniques to optimize yields and increase earnings, but in the same time, we are put all the efforts to use resources more efficiently and to minimize environmental impact and to develop new environmentally friendly techniques.

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