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Our state of the art condition plant in Braila allows us to obtain best quality for our seeds and, assisted by our logistics support team, we are able to ship seeds in every part of Europe Union with all official documentation. We also have experience of preparing the documentation, as required by destination state, for deliveries in non-EU countries (such as Russia, Ukraine, Argentina).

The cost of waiting for a truck is around 130 euro/day, which makes waiting time one of the major form of waste, which induces high costs for the buyers. Moreover, agricultural products could spoil over time and their value could decline appreciably while they are in transit. With the extensive experience in preparing the required documentation, together with our very good relations with local and national authorities, we make sure that these won’t happen and the total waiting time for the client is reduced at minimum.

As a company with an international customer network, our supply chain logistics ensures the management and harmonious integration of production, processing, handling, packaging, inventory, warehousing and transportation systems, in order to meet the requirements of customers and to deliver just in time where they want.

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