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An alternative to the classic storage

  • Innovative response to a widespread storage and commercialization problem.
  • A 200 tons capacity bag, made from 100% virgin resin which is extruded into a three-layer film with superior UV protection and with a high durability.
  • Provides anaerobic grain conservation and thermal protection.
  • Prevents increase in temperature, thus the development of fungi and insects, common in other silos.
  • Grain could be stored at a higher moisture.
  • Possibility of choosing the right moment to sell, waiting for the best prices, while the grains are stored.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Ability to store grain, where it is produced, with low cost.
  • Allows harvesting even when you can’t move the production from the field due to logistic  problems, snow, mud, water or deterioration of roads.

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