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The chemical composition of the soybean makes it attractive for industrial use, the biggest part of the soybean yield is processed for its oil (biodiesel, adhesives, lubricants, coatings, printing inks). Due to high protein content it can also be used as an important ingredient for livestock feed and it is also used in food industry, appearing in a large variety of processed foods (baked products, frozen foods, cereals, pasta).

Soybeans perform nitrogen fixation by establishing a symbiotic relationship with the bacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum which is required to make functional nodules on the roots. Having present this specific bacterium is favorable because the plant is able to fix the nitrogen, which can increase crop yield. After harvesting the crop, higher levels of nitrogen could be found in soils as a result of the nodulation process, so that no or low quantity of nitrogen fertilizer is needed for the next crop. This makes the soybean an important part in crop rotation, farmers not needing as much nitrogen fertilizer for the next crop, which allows them to save money.

Soybean continues to be one of the most profitable crops of this year and Quality Crops comes in front of the client with 2 varieties from different maturity groups, very well adapted to Romanian soils and climate.

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