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Because we think every step from sowing to harvesting is important, we have built a network of top-performing seed producers. We are working with experienced seed growers in locations which have the most fertile soils in order to obtain the best quality for our seeds.

The harvested seed is dried, cleaned, sized, treated and bagged at our state of the art seed conditioning facility in Braila, as well as at other well-equipped seed plants in Muntenia and Moldova.

We employ rigorous controls to make sure that we produce seeds of the highest quality and in the quantities that you expect.

Quality Crops offers to the farmers soy varieties of different maturity groups, very well adapted to our local conditions. Considering its benefits of nitrogen fixing and its use in different industrial sectors, soybean has very good chances to become one of the most profitable crops of the season.

As a complement, we would like to present a FAO 400 corn hybrid with consistent excellent results for the last several years in Romania, under different conditions of soils and climate.

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