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In the last 20 years, Argentina has experienced tremendous growth, increasing both its production and cultivated areas and achieving new records in grain production. In 2011 total grain production was 100 million tones, double compared with total grain production in 1995 which was 50 million tones.

The most important reason for this change in grain production levels is the incorporation of new technologies which led to a deep change of the production system, where performance have an important role. The most important new technologies were No-till (Directa) system and Silobag storage system.

For many years farming has contributed to the beauty of countryside, but, the consequences of having tilling productive systems over decades caused environmental damage, such as soil erosion, water pollution and damage to wildlife habitats. By adopting No-till (Directa) system, the farmers are able to use better natural resources and to control these problems while increasing their income, reducing working hours and stress and, therefore, improving their lifestyle.

The increase in the grain production in Argentina generated an extra demand of storage, especially after harvesting time. This problem was solved by developing the Silobag system (3 layers of coextruded polyethylene, 250 microns thick bag) for storing grains on a sealed environment. Nowadays, this technology is adopted in mass, being an economical, practical, safe and easy way of storing seeds which allows to solve logistics problems in times of great transportation demands.

Quality Crops remains committed to bringing the very latest of the Argentina Technologies to the Romanian market: No-Till planters, SiloBag storage solutions.

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